Lavandula is now located in downtown Canton, Georgia. or book a mobile session!

Meet Becca...

Becca Warlick is the creator of Lavandula Skin & Yoga Studio. She opened the business in 2014 at the ripe age of 22. She's a woman who knows what she wants and follows her heart & instincts to guide her through life & business. She decided to open the spa shortly after moving back home to Georgia from living in Montana for a brief period. A few years after opening Lavandula Becca made another heart filled decision and completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at The Center for Yoga in Woodstock, GA. After 4 years of operating in downtown Woodstock, Becca felt a pull to move the business closer to home in downtown Canton, Georgia. 

Why holistic skin care?

As mentioned above, Becca's decisions are typically made with her heart & gut instincts. With having senstive skin herself, Becca knew what it was like to struggle with finding skin care products that soothed her skin. After making many diet & lifestyle changes she realized the real tools to glowing skin are 1 - knowing & understanding YOUR body  2 - clean eating + hydration 3 - adequate sleep 4 - a steady self-care routine  5 -  gentle & natural skin care. Traditional treatments often times triggered Becca's skin to break out in a frenzy of acne or skin rashes. She quickly learned that regular gentle facials and a basic at home skin care routine won the gold star for keeping sensitive skin types glowing. 

Outside of work life....

Becca lives in a tiny house ( yes, one of those real tiny houses on wheels ) with her boyfriend, Marshall, her dogs, Buck, & Lily  & cat, Poe. 

Becca has a rescue horse, a rescue mule, & 7 bantam chickens. 

She lives on 5 acres in the woods where she gardens, nerds out on homesteading information , & cleans up after the animals.