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The way humans live today makes it easy to become overwhelmed or anxious feeling. It may  happen more than we would like to admit. We now have constant communication with the outside world, the bombardment of negative news reporting, lack of vacation time being used, and we are always on the go… no wonder we are always so stressed out!

To keep our mind, body, & spirit healthy we need to take a little bit of time on a daily basis to keep ourselves grounded and soothed.

Grounding techniques are ways to bring you back from your funk and to calm your nerves. Practicing daily grounding techniques can help prevent or lessen the amount or intensity of your overwhelm & nervousness.

Many techniques can be done in just a few breaths, or minutes, but the longer you can practice the greater the effect in most cases.


Here are a few of my personal favorite techniques to calm my nerves and to help me feel grounded.


1. Play with crystals & stones

Any kind of crystal, stone, or rock can be a wonderful tool from nature to focus on when you are feeling overwhelmed. I love reaching for crystals and gemstones that are known to have healing properties to promote relaxation, peace, & calm. Calcite & amethyst are a few of my favorites. Even if you do not believe in the metaphysical properties of these crystals they are still a great tool to turn to when you are stressed. They are beautiful to look at, they allow you to feel nature, and feeling the strength of the stones reminds you of your inner strength. Plus, smooth or polished stones are wonderful for facial acupressure points!

2. Breathe Deep

Many Times when we are overwhelmed we forget to breathe. Take 3 or more deep breaths in through the nose and release through the nose or mouth. This small step can bring your mind back to what truly matters and the breathing will begin to calm your nervous system. Learning a few different breathing techniques can drastically change your life. If you are prone to getting a little worked up from time to time this is a must.

3. Take a Bath

If you are able to, take a bath. Taking a bath is calming, soothing, and it is always a step I take as soon as I can if I have had a stressful day. Add some lavender, cedar wood, or frankincense essential oils. Light some candles. Add bath salts or clays to the hot water. Then put on your favorite relaxing music or a positive podcast to really shift your mood. If you don’t have a bathtub you can do a foot bath instead!

4. Go on a Walk

Even a quick one. Step away from where you are and hop outside for even just a 10 or 15 minute walk. If you have time for more that will be even better. Getting outside in the fresh air and moving your body can be an instant mood booster.

5. Meditate

Meditating can change your mindset in just a few minutes. If you are new to meditating there are many free guided meditations you can listen to ranging from one minute to an hour or more. This is something you can do at your work desk. Starting and ending your day with meditation has an ongoing list of benefits for you mental and physical health.

6. Spend Time in Nature

Connecting with nature grounds us to our roots. Go on a hike, a barefoot walk, or dip your feet in a river, lake, or ocean. Nature reminds us that there is so much more in this universe than our worries. If you don’t have time to get out in nature keep a few plants around to care for. Spend time with them and show them love. Think of the process of the plants life and how you can relate it to your own. It starts as a small seed covered in dirt. With care, love, & sunshine the plant begins to grow and bloom. When you take any one of these away from your plant they begin to wither away. Once you notice this you begin to care for them again and on their way to beauty they go. If you do not want them to wither keep up with their care. This is just like us… if we do not practice self care our body and minds will begin to wither… but we can always bounce back!

7. Mantras or Affirmations

Repeating mantras and meditations disturb your negative thought process. Saying positive words or phrases to yourself over and over can allow you to accept the positive in your life and take a break from your negative thinking pattern, even if only for a moment. A few of my favorites are “Peace, begins, with me.” & ” I deserve to be abundant in happiness, peace, & love.” Repeat these affirmations over and over in your head or out loud whenever you have a moment of negativity cross through your mind.

8. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a tool I almost always have with me. I use essential oils for almost everything in life. A few of my favorites to have on hand for anxiousness and overwhelm are lavender, frankincense, & a citrus. Lavender is a calming and soothing oil, while frankincense relieves stress by connecting you to your spirituality, & citrus oils have an uplifting impact on your mind and body! You can also try smudging with sage or palo santo. The moment I smell either one of these being burned I instantly feel a sense of comfort and peace.

9. Write

Whether you keep a journal , jot your thoughts down on paper , or text yourself how you are feeling ; To get your thoughts out of your head and down somewhere else can feel like a major release. If you are worried about not getting everything done, make a list of what you need to do and prioritize it for what can wait and what is a must do.


10. Love on an Animal

I don’t need to say much here for a lot of people. Cuddling up with your pup, cat, or whatever critter it is you call your best friend, can be an instant stress reliever. Those animals love you no matter what and pass no judgement on you. If you do not have any pets of your own see if you can volunteer at your local barn or animal shelter!

11. Do whatever makes you feel happy

Take anywhere from 5 minutes to all day long to do something that makes YOU happy! Color in a mandala coloring book, go on a run, sing your heart out, read a book… whatever it is just take time for YOU! Only YOU are in charge of how YOU feel. It is our responsibility and nobody else’s to make sure we feel our best. Make self-care a top priority in your day to day life! Your future self will thank you!

I hope these tips and tricks can give you a bit of inspiration for your day to day life! I would love to hear your input or your favorite techniques for calming your nerves! Leave a comment below! Thank you for checking out the Holistic Hopeful!


Sending you lots of love,

Rebekah Warlick, Owner & Esthetician at Lavandula Skin Spa